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Location locked, Ghosts deploying.

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"The Sigil will be providing tonight’s distraction." Aidanor whispered into his comm, his rifle lowered, his eyes on the dim IR flash of a nearby beacon used to control the deep strike. "As soon as they’re in contact, we roll out. Remember the briefing, mission objective is intel and nothing else. They don’t know we’re here, and we aren’t here to help them."

In the distance, a loud explosion marked the start of what would become a bloody battle.

"We’re weapons hot, Ghosts. Lets get to work."

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When an asset goes dark, you take care of it. When you are a Case Officer, that is your job - you keep them alive, you keep them talking, and you keep them working.

Lari’da and Kovitch failed to make the scheduled meeting. That means the suit comes off, the blue and gold bleeds away, and I gear up in the fatigues that blend in so easily with the dead landscapes of Lordaeron. My pistol is put away for a rifle, and in many ways I become what I was before - a Ranger, a SEAL, a Soldier.

I thought they had learned that I was not a man to go silent on. It seems that a repeat lesson is in order.

Lay the hammer hammer down, get the job done right
Jacked up and clocked in into a fire fight
Covert reactions and you never saw me

Nothing drives technological advancement quite like a war. The only problem is that the Gnomes are outdoing themselves. I’m pulling shit out of my field packs, and I have no idea what half of it does. I wasn’t fully awake during the briefing, so I pulled out this… glowing syringe, and I have no idea if the pointy end goes into bad guys or good guys.

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John Kennex + guns

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